Meng Weina set up China’s first private special needs school in the southern city of Guangzhou

Meng Weina has become a pioneer for standing up for those with disabilities . Meng is responsible and founder of China’s first private special needs school in the southern city of Guangzhou.

Meng began her project in the southeastern city of Guangzhou in 1985, where she met considerable success. She then opened a similar project in Beijing in 2000, but the authorities in the capital proved less flexible than their southern counterparts. They gave her a hard time over the registration, funding and taxes, and even over such activities as organizing 1,000 people to run for charity before the 2008 Beijing Olympics and mobilizing a cheering squad for the 2007 Shanghai Special Olympics.

In 2009, more than 100 million Chinese had some form of mental disorder, and 16 million of them were severely mentally ill, according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.



New Legislation to Improve Mental Health Care  


Last year saw the introduction of China’s first mental health legislation, which took a reported 27 years to pass. As communities move for better understanding of those who live with a disability.

Among the changes from the law are new financing initiatives for mental health services and training for primary care-givers. Perhaps the most significant was a new set of rights for patients, including not being hospitalized against their will. Having options of living with  their families or finding proper care is still needed.

Stigma against those live with metal health a illness  are often portrayed in China’s media as they are either victims or perpetrators of violence. Mental illness can affect us all. It is up to each nation to handle their mentally ill in the best possible way. Using combine best practice models and community education.  Most of compassion.

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