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Providers Showcase  MOMI – P82 Project Restoration  


p82 projectrestoration Phoenix ( TPAZ)  Frustrated by the increasing tragedies in our state and country involving untreated Seriously Mentally Ill patients, MOMI goal is to get them the treatment they need focusing primarily on involuntary treatment, hospital stays and long term supports (including 24 hour supervised) according to the needs of the patient. We will be sharing information regarding resources, research and legislative action we can take.

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Deborah Geesling who  is a stay at home wife, mother and grandmother.  Married to her husband Matthew for 31 years, together they have 4 grown sons, a beautiful daughter in law and 2 grandsons.  Deborah has made Arizona her home for the past 21 years where she has been actively involved her church and community.  The experience of advocating for her disabled son has moved her into seeking to be a voice for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

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Representatives Name:  Deborah Geesling
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MOMI of AZ is a community advocacy organization.  Frustrated by the increasing tragedies in our state and nation involving individuals with untreated serious mental illness, we seek to advocate for individuals who cannot advocate for themselves.
P82 Project Restoration is a Non Profit organization formed with the goal of providing a home(s) for men who struggle with severe and persistent mental illness.  Building a place of their own long term ~ Restoring trust.

MOMI (Mothers of seriously Mentally Ill) of AZ” and “P82 Project Restoration has a gofundme page. Please visit and donate to this wonderful cause. Click Here

So if something is broken, what needs to be restored? Our responsibility & trust to our friends does. It is our privilege to restore a realistic, honest & dignified long term home setting that is appropriate to the needs of individuals who suffer with severe and persistent mental illness.

And that is what we are working towards. 

Thank you friends, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving as we reflect on so many blessings in our lives. You will be thought about & given thanks for this season by our family I can assure you!

With gratefulness,
Matthew and Deborah
Listen to Deborah Story and more about her program on The Pulse AZ at 4:00 PM Wednesday 16,2014  or click here.

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